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My neighbour told me about a site where he could buy his health treatments directly on the Internet. Is it reliable? Are the prices competitive? He also told me about an online prescription system that allows people to have an online consultation in order to benefit from prescription drugs. It sounds too good to be true, so is it reputable and does it offer quality products? We conducted the test to bring you our complete evaluation and analysis to take stock of other similar sites. Buying health products may seem strange at first, but when you dig deeper, there are indeed some sites that are worth a visit in this area. Let’s take a look at one of them in this article !

DoktorABC : which price, what service, which rating

DoktorABC helps you to receive a fast and discreet medical products and care without having to visit a doctor or attend a pharmacy in person. Save time and effort; request individually qualified medical treatment every time online. Only fill in a simple medical survey to position your request. Their physician’s test to ensure that the care you have selected is suitable for your health; the option would otherwise be suggestions. The pharmacy handles the request when the doctor issues your medication electronically. The next day you seek the medication at no extra cost.

About DoktorABC : legit or a scam ?

DoktorABC is the fastest growing online pharmacy company in Great Britain. You will integrate a GP’s service online with a pharmacy and clinic to guarantee that you get your medications (under physician’s approval) quickly, comfortably to flexibly and get your prescription free the next day when one reports to the clinic for a second consultation. : reviews about this health service

DoktorABC has accredited the MHRA-Medicine and Pharmaceutical Goods Enforcement Authority in the UK. This official regulatory body guarantees that medical service providers follow all laws and regulations concerning the UK medical industry. The DoktorABC online GPs are strictly EU accredited physicians who meet the regulatory guidelines set by the Good and the BNF. The MHRA or the General Pharmaceutical Council approve and authorize all pharmacies with which we are stakeholders.

Advantages : discreet service, next day delivery and original and certified products

In compliance with UK law, DoktorABC prescribes and sends only licensed and authorized medicines in the United Kingdom. It ensures you get initial medications of high quality. LegitScript checks our website for the quality and legitimacy of the drugs. Below are details and additional certification for Doktor ABC.

Regulated and certified by legit organizations in UK

DoktorABC : some information about this pharmacy

  • The Secure socket layer(SSL) encryption used to protect and transfer all personal information on Comodo Group, a leading supplier of US-based digital certificates, provides security credentials.
  • Under the guidelines of the UK Office of Information Commissioner, the organization running maintains conformity with data protection laws, the Sky Marketing Ltd.
  • Sky Marketing Ltd is responsible for DoktorABC. The organization is approved to distribute pharmaceutical drugs and is legally registered.
  • DoktorABC was reviewed and approved by the US organization LegitScript as a telemedicine platform.
  • The general pharmaceutical council (GPhC), which governs all licensed pharmacies in the United Kingdom, is officially and lawfully registered with our pharmacy.
  • DoktorABC conforms to PCI guidelines and periodically checks for system instability. Payment Card Industry Data Security Guidelines Records of the credit card are not protected.
  • Connect to the impartial Trustpilot ranking website for all DoktorABC’s customer reviews.
  • All drugs are initial and manufactured in the UK.

How to seek DoktorABC care?

DoktorABC gives you medications concerning a wide variety of medical issues, subject to an EU approved GP online health check. Our service is quick, flexible, and practical and offers UK licensed drugs free of charge the next day.

Drei einfache Schritte, um zu wissen, wie Doktorabc funktioniert

How works : health consultation to receiving at home

  1. Pick either the medication you are taking or the treatment you are receiving. To see your current medical condition, click on “Start your order” and fill out a short online questionnaire.
  2. You can choose the favorite drug after the questionnaire. Our electronic GP can review the application automatically to see if you can use the drug safely. The pharmacy can check your prescription electronically if there are no health problems, inconsistent medications, or potential intolerances of medicines. Our doctor will prescribe another drug if the remedy is not sufficient for you, or you will receive a refund.
  3. For the next day’s delivery, our online pharmacy manages the request. The insurance, drugs, and UPS courier service the next day included in the checkout bill. Payments are through the following; PayPal, visa card, and cash upon delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions about

How can I be sure of the validity of the medicine?

The Pharmacy General Council of the UK approves or not some pharmacies, ensuring that they are a legit and reliable service consumers can use. Doctor ABC and related postal pharmacies have also supported the MHRA (Regulatory Authority for Drugs and Health Care Goods in the United Kingdom).

GPHC, general pharmaceutical council regulate and approve DoktorABC

Its agency is responsible for ensuring the integrity and enforcement of medical service suppliers in the pharmaceutical industry with legal guidelines.

How are hospitals and physicians under supervision?

DoktorABC collaborators tracked at two separate levels. Both doctors and pharmacies in each EU country are authorized and regulated under competent authority. Furthermore, our physicians and our clinics are tracked, with their additional medical credentials. We also monitor them.

Good service, fast and reliable delivery : customer satisfaction and reviews

DoktorABC accepts which deposit methods?

We approve the Visa, Debit and Electron cards, and MasterCard (Credit and Debit). You can also make a payment for bank transfer or use PayPal to pay the bill. When you prefer to spend money, it also works on delivery.

Conclusion : Shoud you buy on DoktorABC ?

When it comes to buying health products on the Internet, you have to be careful if the products are tested and approved by health organizations. Here, you can trust DoktorABC who has all the accreditations and is approved in the UK as a trusted pharmacy. The products are original so they will have the same composition and brand name as those you can find in your traditional pharmacy. When it comes to labels and guarantees for consumers, there is nothing to say as they have excellent reviews and customer testimonials on sites like Trustpilot.

Doktorabc testimonials and reviews from clients

Trustpilot is a site that collects the opinions of customers who have bought on DoktorAbc: after a few days, these customers will receive an e-mail to find out whether their order went well, whether they received the products, whether the products are what they wanted. This ensures that the site you buy from is reliable and has a proven reputation. After having bought several products ourselves, we can also certify that we have received them within a few days, that they correspond correctly to what we wanted. And even more: we compared the prices with our local pharmacy and we were surprised that they are very competitive for next day delivery. So why bother and waste your time when you can do it all with just a few clicks at

DoktorABC provides confidential, fast, and eligible A to Z medical care for you. You will locate the appropriate diagnosis, receive the EU-certified doctor’s prescription, and have personally administered the drug you need. They put together doctors and distributors on one forum so that patients can seek immediate assistance from start to finish, save time and avoid pain.